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Shift is a game of constantly changing strategy where you have to check to bet! Combining elements of chess and poker, you must capture your opponent’s King while protecting your own, as you and your opponent change the movement patterns of your pieces every turn. A betting game of bluffing and strategy, Shift is a game you can print-and-play.

For more details, check out this blog post!

This game can be played with or without betting - if played with betting, the rules assume a level of familiarity with the rules of poker and chess (it was originally designed as part of a game design challenge to combine chess and poker).  If you're less familiar with poker or chess, you may need to remind yourself of the meanings of ante, check, bet, raise, and fold from poker and check from chess.

Until the end of August, all of my proceeds from sales of this game will be donated to BlackOUT Collective, or if you send me (@games_by_jack) proof of donation I'll send you the pdf.

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AuthorJack Schlesinger
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Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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This looks so cool! First of all, the design is absolutely superb, I love the minimalistic vibe you are going with. Also, it was really interesting to read the thought process in your blog post about how the design changed (ie. removing pieces) :0

A little caveat is that perhaps the part about the poker rules would have benefited for a bit more explanation, namely that some definitions of the terms (raise, fold, etc.) would not be amiss, even if I personally consider them "general gaming knowledge" or however you want to put it. I understand they are not as novel concepts as the rest of the game, but still worth considering! 

Regardless, can't wait to give it a try with my sibling. Thank you for the game <3 

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Thanks so much for playing!  You're right - I probably should link to poker rules - it's a good idea for the next version / update.  Hope y'all enjoy!