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This looks so cool! First of all, the design is absolutely superb, I love the minimalistic vibe you are going with. Also, it was really interesting to read the thought process in your blog post about how the design changed (ie. removing pieces) :0

A little caveat is that perhaps the part about the poker rules would have benefited for a bit more explanation, namely that some definitions of the terms (raise, fold, etc.) would not be amiss, even if I personally consider them "general gaming knowledge" or however you want to put it. I understand they are not as novel concepts as the rest of the game, but still worth considering! 

Regardless, can't wait to give it a try with my sibling. Thank you for the game <3 

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Thanks so much for playing!  You're right - I probably should link to poker rules - it's a good idea for the next version / update.  Hope y'all enjoy!